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 Fallout 3に引き続いて登場。New Vegasではさらにmagazine(雑誌)も追加された。 それらに関する情報をまとめたページです

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Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarter
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy Weapons
Duck and Cover!Explosives
Tumblers TodayLockpick
D.C.Journal of Internal MedicineMedicine
Grognak the BarbarianMelee Weapons
Dean's ElectronicsRepair
Big Book of ScienceScience
Guns and BulletsGuns
Chinise Army:Spec.Ops. Training ManualSneaking
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeech
Wasteland survival guideSurvival
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmed


Big BookNipton HallOne on the desk in Joseph B. Steyn's office on the top floor.
Big BookBrewer's Beer BootleggingIn the cellar all the way in the back room with the sign on a table to your left.
Big BookREPCONN HeadquartersIn the HQ on a shelf in the Gift Shop storeroom.
Big BookCamp Forlorn HopeIn the Command Center in the far right corner on the desk.
Big BookHELIOS OneReward for distributing power through the network during That Lucky Old Sun
ChineseVault 3Living Quarters right after you come down the stairs from the recreation area. Thru the 50 Lock/Security door. Turn right on the 2nd shelf.
ChineseNCR Sharecropper FarmsOn some papers by the corner desk inside the Sharecropper Barracks near the four water towers in the NE of the fenced in area.
ChineseCamp SearchlightIn the East Chapel down in the Gecko-filled basement on the floor at the foot of some metal shelves.
DC JournalFollowers SafehouseOn the bedside table in the second room.
DC JournalMesquite Mountains CraterInside Hell's Motel below the globe with a hat on the table with the radio and repair kit.
DC JournalHelios OneOn the bed with the pillow in the room with the holotape password. Very top floor accessed via the planks in the room with the holes in the floor.
DC JournalNovacRanger Andy's bungalow(アンディーのバンガロー)の中、ベッドの上
Dean'sSloanWorker Barracks(作業員のバラック)内、入ってすぐ左の棚、ラジオの隣
Dean'sNellis Air Force BaseInside Loyal's house on the long counter next to the ruined terminal.
Dean'sSouthern Nevada Wind FarmIn the shack on the table with the clipboard and scrap metal.
Dean'sAbandoned BoS Bunker (Unreachable w/ patch 1.01)On the metal sill opposite the Reloading Bench in the area with the office.
DuckSloanWorker Barracks(作業員のバラック)内、正面の棚の救急箱のすぐ下
DuckNellis Air Force BaseMother Pearl's Barracks(パールのバラック)の中、グレネードライフルの置いてある棚、本と本の間に紛れてる
DuckMojave OutpostInside the Mojave Outpost Barracks on the bottom shelf in the middle below the bar counter.
DuckRanger Station FoxtrotOn the table next to Comm Officer Lenk sometimes there are 2 skillbooks on the table
GrognakCannibal Johnson's CaveOn the mattress near the radio close to the fire
GrognakHidden Supply CaveResting on one of the large metal crates in the cave
GrognakCottonwood CoveInside the HQ building upper floor on the shelf next to the bed.
GunsRaul's ShackInside Raul's Shack in the wooden crate next to the door.
GunsNevada Highway Patrol Station入ってすぐの部屋、ターミナルの置いてない机の上
GunsGomorrahIn Big Sal's office up the stairs from the main level of Brimstone. It is on the first low bookshelf on the left as you walk in.
GunsVault 34"On the small metal table between the sofas by the pool table in the Armory Common room.
LyingLucky Jim MineInside the Lucky Jim Mine house
LyingBrooks Tumbleweed RanchOn an open locker shelf in the upstairs room with the chessboard.
LyingCerulean RoboticsOn the floor among the office desks.
LyingNCRCFSecond floor of the Administration Building on a desk.
NikolaREPCONN Headquarters2nd Floor turn left first door. On the desk with the lit computer
NikolaREPCONN Headquarters1st Floor past the 100 Lock/Security door. (Or sneak up to the 3rd floor and get the key from the suitcase next to the skeleton). On top of the safe.
NikolaHidden ValleyIn the white plastic bin by the desk in Schuler's office. Bunker L1 west of the central hub corridor junction.
NikolaOld Nuclear Test SiteOn the small table opposite the entrance inside the irradiated shack.
PugilismNipton Road Reststop建物の中、南壁面にある棚の中程
PugilismThe TopsInside the Presidential suite in the Tops casino. Inside Pool Room on tiny table in the corner.
PugilismFisherman's Pride ShackOn the bedside table inside the shack
PugilismVault 11Inside the living quarters in female dorm #1 by the fallen dresser
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorVault 22In the lab room in Pest Control. On the table with the bubbling vials.
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorAllied Technologies OfficesOn the floor of the southwest corner of the large open-plan office room to the west of the entrance.
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorCap Counterfeiting ShackOn the suitcase by the bed in the small back cellar room.
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorPrimmInside the Bison Steve Hotel behind the counter of the gift shop
WastelandScavenger Platform一番大きい島にある倒れた棚のスキマに落ちてる
WastelandLone Wolf Radioトレーラーの奥、金属の箱のすぐそばの床に落ちてる
WastelandMesquite Mountains Camp SiteInside the western tent behind the bedding and toolbox. May clip into the ground 3rd person POV can help aquire.
WastelandMatthews Animal Husbandry FarmTop balcony of the northern barn near the barrel crate.
TumblersSilver Peak MineInside the shack behind the two small tables on the ground in an open locker right of the entrance
TumblersBitter Springs Recreation AreaInside the office shack to the west on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms.
TumblersThe Prospector's DenInside the caves in the subterranean Den structure in the large barracks room on the floor in the far right corner.
TumblersWolfhorn RanchInside the farmhouse partially under the fridge without the door.

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